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        About UsSince2007
        Professional Designer of high-end branding——Responsibility Brings Quality.

        Chidu Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. has been through 12 years,providing high quality and professional on site operation service for organizers , and specializing in high-level one-stop integrated services in industrial chain, such as special booth design and construction, conference organization, planning, and hosting, activity planning and execution, VI(visual identity system)design for enterprises, exhibition roadshow, brand image planning, and design and construction of theme exhibition hall, science and technology museum, development exhibition hall, museum, chain stores, commercial space and public relations activities promotion.


        Recommended Service Providers for construction of special booth in China International Import Expo (CIIE) 2018, China Convention Exhibition Event Society (CCES) First-Class Qualified Exhibition Engineering Enterprise of Integrated Design and Construction, China Association For Exhibition Centers(CAEC) Second-Class Exhibition Engineering Enterprise, CAEC Second-Class Qualified Exhibition Engineering Enterprise of Integrated Design and Construction, One of the Forty Brand Service Providers in the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening Up,Won 2018 Green Award for China Exhibition Engineering Enterprises, 2018 China Top Ten Exhibition Engineering Enterprises, Leading Construction Enterprises in China Conference and Exhibition in 2017-2018,The Vice-Chairman Unit of China Private Organizer Enterprise Leader 50 Union Regulations(POEL 50).

        Enterprise mission
        Be a professional practitioner of exhibition creativity and service

        Enterprise value

        Integrity, pragmatism, excellence, innovation, professionalism, rigorousness, brand image promotion and customer value creation

        Enterprise vision

        Inheriting artistic ingenuity, pursuing quality, breaking through innovation, enlightening the future, deducing the extraordinary table, creating a perfect model of exhibition service!

        Chidu Exhibition—Profession Creates Value

        Qualification certificate

        Our team

        The international background of the creative team, senior designers with design experience of more than 10 years

        Brand leader,ingenuity,relaxation degree,excellent demeanor.Chidu Exhibition—Only professional speaking

        Designer of high-end branding.Taste comes from continuous innovation,everything comes from careful design

        With a keen sense of market changes and a timely grasp of customers' dynamic needs, the international team of ChiDu Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. sets an example of tailor-made projects to show their artistic taste with creativity.

        Frontier design concepts and professional dedication rank in the forefront of the most competitive exhibition design, production and distribution companies in China, providing customers with a variety of high-quality services.


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        Industry Information

        Dynamics Industry news Past exhibitions

        First Import Expo Relaxation Exhibition Helps Enterprises to Promote Brand Value with the Best Quality Service

        In the current Expo, a total of 26 internationally renowned enterprises have been served. From the initial design communication, project preparation to the final one-week intensive and orderly project promotion, the relaxation exhibition has been developed into the project team of the Expo with great aspiration and high efficiency, and has always maintained the most professional and dedicated spirit, overcome all kinds of difficulties and willingness, and ultimately build each fine exhibition stand to provide the most perfect and thoughtful service. To present the service purpose of shaping brand by quality, to fully display brand value for all partners participating in the exhibition at the global attention exhibition, to help partners better integrate into the high-end international business platform, to seek common development, and to better highlight the theme of the first China International Import Expo "New Age, Sharing the Future".

        More >>

        Fourteen U.S. enterprises signed formal contracts-New York Promotion Fair II was welcomed by U.S. Enterprises

        The 2nd China International Import Fair was held in New York on the morning of December 11, local time. Consul-General Huang Ping of the Chinese Consulate-General in New York attended the event and delivered a speech. Vice-Director of the Bureau of Import and Exposition, Sun Chenghai, Chairman of the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., President Xu Chen of the American General Chamber of Commerce and Commerce, Counsellor Zhou Shanqing of the Chinese Consulate-General in New York, and nearly 100 American politicians and businessmen attended the meeting.

        More >>

        The latest exhibition design scheme of Dubai World Expo 2020 is unveiled! uuuuuuuuuuu As an architect, how can you miss it?

        Source: GBE Architecture Forum

        Dubai, a "oil rich" city, has been constantly refreshing our horizons with money. This trench city with unlimited possibilities has been chosen as the host city of the World Expo in 2020. At the same time, Dubai will become the first host from the Middle East in the 160-year history of the World Expo. Dubai World Expo Park is planned and designed by HOK, USA. The whole park is "butterfly-shaped". The plan is centered on Al Wasl Square and is designed around five thematic areas of "mobility", "sustainability", "opportunity", "180 national venues" and "United Arab Emirates venues". So, what kind of possibilities will the Dubai World Expo 2020, with the theme of "communicating ideas and creating the future", bring us?

        More >>

        Recruitment AnnouncementShanghai relaxation conference and exhibition will build you can give full play to the talent of the stage, the sea wide ren yuyue, sky high ren bird fly,
        for you to create a display of talent and the ideal of the broad space

        Design department designer

        Creative design skills, good team management skills and the ability to coordinate the professional quality of other departments

        Graphic designer

        Unique creative graphic style, proficient in various design software, with a certain degree of independent design thinking ability

        Special decoration Marketing Department sales

        Familiar with the exhibition industry special clothing market, image temperament and communication skills as one, quick response and execution ability; Effectively achieve the performance target assigned by the position

        Exhibition project planning

        Have rich creative planning ability, and carry out a series of programs such as project planning, operation, budget, etc.; Collect relevant information of the exhibition industry and analyze the development trend of the exhibition market